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Here you can find periodic eNewsletters about IAF acitivities. They may also be emailed to government and non-government bodies again at the request of the recipient. If you would like to receive them please contact us.


IAF Newsletter, Spring 2015

We want this edition to be a platform for falconers everywhere to show why falconry is a truly global family.
To do this, we have tried to include translations for the copy where possible, with an emphasis on Spanish, Russian and Arabic. We are not yet at the stage where we can get the entire publication translated into multiple languages but this is our goal over time so that we connect with falconers beyond English-speaking regions.
This publication is yours and it can only exist if you play your part. We need representatives to send us news and reports about what is going on where they are, how falconry is changing, what issues you face and what strengths you enjoy in your particular strand of falconry. [...]

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IAF Newsletter, Autumn 2013

People often talk of the quality of our sport, sometimes the artistic aspects as they perceive them, all seen in the light of our current values and society in which they live. Much comment seems to look at characters who lived a century or ve centuries ago describing them as they fit into current perspective of values, with the assumption that this man was motivated by today's values, defining his actions by modern secular and scientific perspectives. This may also be applied to people from diΕerent cultures today but reality can be very diferent? If we could meet that man from 5 centuries ago or even a man today from another culture or religion his explanations might be very different from our expectations. At the IAF AGM we have been looking into some of the historical aspects of falconry in Europe in the company of falconers from all over the world. [...]

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