IAF Journal - part 3

The IAF Journal - the International Journal of Falconry is an annual publication, a quality glossy magazine.
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The 2013 issue is expected in the Summer.

IAF Newsletter, Summer 2004

Contents: Editors foreword - Anthony Crosswell (2); List of officers (3); The Golden Age is Now - Dick Treleaven (4); NOTICE OF 35th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2004(4); AGM Agenda (5); Minutes 34th Annual General Meeting of the IAF (5): Candidatures; Constitution changes - Frank Bond - at the back of the Newsletter; President’s Report - Patrick Morel; Financial report 2003 ; budget for 2004 - Antonio Carapuco; Gilles Nortier (Chairman of the Financial Working Group); NEWSLETTER - Tony Crosswell; VP report for the Americas - Frank Bond; VP Report by Thomas Richter; WG BASS - Robert Kenward - Falconry Regulations; Working group for the Bern Convention. Robert Kenward; Report of MERWG and NAMEAN - Tim Kimmel; Report of CITES working group for 2003 - Tony Crosswell; Report from the Research Coordinator - Dr. Robert Kenward; Strategy report - Dr. Robert Kenward; Strategic Recommendation of IAF for Falconry; Reports of the delegates; Any Other Business; Presidents award of IAF Button; Miscellaneous; Members reports (17); NEWS FROM THE EU Christian de Coune (32); Symposium on Saker Falcon Status in the Range Countries (Abu Dhabi, 23rd September 2003) - Patrick Morel and José Manuel Rodriguez-Villa (34); The 3rd symposium “Asian Raptor Today” - Jevgeni Shergalin (37); Book Reviews (37); Letters (37); Future Conservation of Raptors in Southern Africa - Ron Hartley (38); Ethical and scientific aspects concerning animal welfare and falconry by Thomas Richter (41); An Incident in the Hunting - Ata Eyeberdiyew - Turkmenistan National Falconers Club(45); IAF Constitution as approved by the delegates at the 2003 AGM (47); Stop press - CITES Meeting - Abu-Dhabi (51).Download the Journal (PDF version) +

IAF Newsletter, Summer 2003

Contents: Editors foreword – Anthony Crosswell (2); List of officers (3); NOTICE OF 34th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2003 (4) - AGM Agenda (4); Contitution Changes (5); Minutes of 33th Annual General Meeting of the IAF (6): Candidatures; President Report - Patrick Morel; Financial Reporto 2002; budget for 2003 – Antonio Carapuço; Gilles Notier (Chairman of the Financial Working Group); Newsletter - Tony Crosswell; VP report for the Americas - Frank Bond; VP report by Thomas Richter; WG BASS - Robert Kenward (Falconry Regulation); WG FACE - Tony Crosswell for Christian de Coune; WG for the Bern Convention - Robert Kenward; WG European Commission - Tony Crosswell for Christian de Coune; WG Middle East Relations - Tim Kimmel; WG CITES – Tony Crosswell; IATA - Herwig Hoedl; Reports of the delegates (14); Miscellaneous (14); EUROPEAN IUSSES by Christian de Coune (15); 6th Conference of the Parties CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY (16); Presentation of the lAF's award (16); Report from the Research Coordinator - Dr. Robert Kenward (17); European Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (17); Draft European Charter On General Principles For Protection Of The Environment and Sustainable Development (18); Report of the symposium at Arhavi at the AGM of CIC in Istambul, Turkey May 2002 (20); FALCONRY JOURNEY IN THE USA - Gilles Nortier (22); Middle Eastern Relations Working Group Report - J. Timothy Kimmel (28); The Slovak Falconers Club in the Slovak Hunting Union - legal changes (28); A Profile of Falconry in Ireland (31); Belgium Gunter Daes, IAF delegate (32); Status of falconry in the Czech Republic - Dr. Bohumil Straka (33); Report from Danish Hawking Club - Tage Jessen, lAF-rep Denmark (34); Netherlands - Thijs Fleskens (35); The Hungarian Falconry in 2002 - Janos Toth (36); ABFPAR - News from Brasil - Leo Fukui (36); Portuguese falconry; Antonio Carapuco Associagao Portuguesa de Falcoaria (37); Slovenia (38); Zimbabwe Falconers' Club annual report 2002 - Ron Hartley (38); Minimum requirements for the keeping of Birds of Prey and Owls - Dr Thomas Richter (40); Book Reviews (44); Letters (45); Invitation to BFC Scottish International Field Meeting 2004 (46); Flaws in principles of utility and cruely with respect to hunting in the UK (47). Download the Journal (PDF version) +

IAF Newsletter, Spring 2002

Contents: Editors foreword (2); List of officers(3); Notice of AGM (4); Agenda for AGM (5); Reports: President Patrick Morel (5); Vice President for Americas - Frank Bond (13); Vice President for Europe - Dr Thomas Richter (14); Report for Businees Plan working group submitted by Tim Kimmel (12 February 2012) (17); Financial Working Group Report - Antonio Carapuço (19); Participation in IUCN sponsored workshop on Commercial Captive Propagation and Wild Species Conservation. Dec 7-9 2012. Jacksonville FL: USA - Ralph Rogers (20); HKI rewarded with the silver VIV Poultry Award 2001 (21); APPEAL for feathers (22); Ha ha ha! - Dr Thomas Richter (22); Guidelines for regulating falconry (25); Is falconry compatible with International Legislation? (27); A Mark and Bank scheme to control and monitor sustainable trade in wildlife (30); An Example of Regulation (31); Research Cordinator Activities - Robert Kenward (33); Middle East Relations working group report - 2001 Submitted by Tim Kimmel (34); A brilliant opportunity for falconry (34); Status of Falconry in Slovenia in 2001 - Dr. Igor Tavcar (35); A synopsis of the Zimbabwe Falconers' Club - Falconry as conservation tool - Dr Ron Hartley (36); Zimbabwe Falconers' Club annual report 2000 (38); Zimbabwe Falconers' Club research report 2000 (39); The endangered Moroccan Arab Falconry Heritage - Mohamed Nour-Eddine Fatehi (40); Correction for Newsletter 2002 - Welsh Hawking Club (41); Netherlands Report - Thijs Fleskens (42); Mexico Report - Juan Carlos Rojo (43); Back cover picture - Dr. Igor Tavcar. Download the Journal (PDF version) +

IAF Newsletter, Summer 2001

Contents: Editors foreword (2), List of officers(3),Minutes of the 32nd General Meeting (4); AGM Agenda: New members candidature, presentation and election (4); Apologies for absence (4); Minutes of last AGM (4); President report (4); Vice President for Americas Report (4); Vice President for Europe, Africa, Asia Report (6); Treasurer Report (9); Report by Chairman of the Advisory Committee (12); Report of Research Coordinator (12); Reports of the Working Groups (finance; Hybrid, Saker & Houbara) (13); Delegates Report (13); Election of President (14); Any Other Business (14); Consideration of offers to host the 2001 AGM (14); Closure (14); The meeting of NAFA in Amarillo (TEXAS) 21-26 November 2000 (15); Delegates' Report: UEDECA (17); Austria (17); UK (17); Denmark (17); Belgium (18); Japan (18); Lithuania (20); Estonia (21); Legality in Netherlands (21); Slovakia (22); Is a falconry a legitimate activity (23); Is falconry compatibile with international legislation (24); Implementation in some countries (24); CORRISPONDENCE: The 20th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention (25); RAPTORS 2000 conference in Israel (26); Report on IUCN's 2nd World Conservation Congress (26); Conserving the Saker Falcon (27); IAF AGM 2001 (28). Download the Journal (PDF version) +