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IAF Report (Part 2) on the 41st A.G.M, March 2011

Candidatures: presented by Hon. Sec. Adrian Lombard: “Over the past year we have seen a large number of requests for membership of the IAF by Clubs, National organizations and by a Falconry Museum. Similarly, during this time, we have seen an increasing number of requests for support and assistance from a diverse group of nations. I believe that these requests, more than anything else, demonstrate the relevance of the IAF to Falconers around the world. With growth in the stature of the IAF and its recognition as a significant Hunting, Conservation and Cultural NGO, there comes an increased significance [...]Download +

IAF Report (Part 1) on the 41st A.G.M, February 2011

List of Nations attending: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Qatar, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain, United States of America. The Meeting Was opened by the President, Frank Bond, who thanked the Slovak Falconers’ Club for their hospitality and for the arrangements that. The President of The Slovak falconers’ Club, Anton Moravcik, welcomed the delegates and thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for making the Hunting Castle available. The 2009 Minutes were approved .[...]Download +

The Future of Falconry, Strasbourg, February 2011

Falconry’s official inscription at UNESCO’s 5th Intergovernmental Committee in Nairobi last November is an immense achievement encompassing the largest nomination in the history of the Convention, 11 nations. To recognise the endeavours of the falconry community FACE and IAF joined with European Parliament’s Sustainable Hunting Intergroup at the heart of Europe, Strasbourg, 19th January 2011. Representatives of 16 countries gathered with EU decision makers to launch global celebrations. The event began with photos in the European Parliament building and continued with a colloquium to present [...]Download +

Favourable Changes to South African Law, 2011

Adrian Lombard reports significant changes to South African hunting laws which include the delisting of both peregrine falcons and martial eagles from the South African lists of endangered species. Through the hard work and motivation of the South African Falconers and the approaches made to government and NGO’s, the List of Threatened or Protected Species has been directly addressed, with the result that both the Peregrine and the African Crowned Eagle have been removed. This greatly reduces restrictions in the use of falconry species and means that no raptor of Falconry interest is now included [...]Download +

UNESCO recognises Falconry, November 2010

Today in Nairobi, Kenya, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage added Falconry, a traditional hunting method, to its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since before the time of the pyramids, over 4000 years, falconry as a hunting method has retained an unbroken thread of tradition. Fathers have been passing down skills to their children for nearly 200 generations in a chain of intangible heritage, bringing this art to us, the 21st century. [...]Download +