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Another poisoning threat
to vultures

The levels of killings of elephants in Africa and trafficking in their ivory remain alarmingly high, with poachers deliberately using poisons. For every elephant and rhino that is poisoned, hundreds if not thousands of scavengers will die as well. From eagles and vultures to hyena’s, jackals, ibis, cattle egrets and so on. By stopped the horrific slaughter of Africa’s large animals the knock on effect will benefit many many other species. Vultures are now the most critically endangered group of birds in the world, higher now in status than even the Albatros family. Without vultures and other scavengers Africa will become a place rife with disease, all to give someone ivory or rhino horn, and for what reason one asks

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The Art of Falconry
by Patrick Morel

Patrick is a consummate master falconer and a wonderful servant to world falconry. Patrick supported Christian de Coune through his Presidency of the IAF as Executive Secretary and went on to be the President himself. Few others have this depth of insight into both the practice of ‘hunting falconry’ as well as the political work needed to ensure that falconers can continue to take the field. The Art of Falconry is a beautiful book which feasts the eye. It is a modern treatise on the principles and philosophy which underlie the practice of falconry. It is exquisite; the product of a life spent pursuing that dream of all falconers: to attain the perfect flight. This book, in its beauty and wisdom, will help the reader along that path.



Please support
this petition

UK MEP Catherine Bearder has been very active in the campaign against veterinary use of diclofenac in Europe. This drug was responsible for wiping out 95% of Asian vulture populations as well as many thousands of eagles and other opportunistic carrion eaters. It has recently been licensed for use in Europe, whose own vulture populations are already perilously endanged. One meal on a carcass that had been given diclofenac before its death is enough to kill a vulture. Mrs. Bearder has started an online petition with the following declaration:

"The European Commission must take action to ban the use of diclofenac, a veterinary drug that is decimating the EU's population of vultures and eagles in Europe. The drug is used as a painkiller and antibiotic for livestock, but it's highly poisonous for birds of prey who feed on the carcasses of farmed animals. In the 1990s, vulture populations in the Indian subcontinent plummeted by 95% as a result of this drug. As a result it has now been banned in India, Pakistan and Nepal. The science is clear; the European Medical agency found last year that the use of diclofenac poses a risk to European vultures. Yet despite the policy of the precautionary principle it is still approved for use in European countries with threatened vulture populations, including Italy and Spain. Even though there are cheap alternatives available. I am calling on the European Commission to put in place an EU-wide ban on this drug which poses a risk to European wildlife. Please help stop the decline of already vulnerable European vulture and eagle populations before it is too late. Sign this petition to show your support for banning diclofenac in the EU now."

IAF members and, in fact, all falconers, should sign this petition. IAF is a falconry organization. It is also a conservation organization. We are concerned with the conservation of all raptors and with the species we encounter in the areas we use. Vultures are the group of raptors which are of most conservation concern at present .The IAF has the role of global advocacy for falconry and we make claims that falconry is of merit because of the positive influences which it has on conservation.  This sort of claim needs to be supported by evidence.

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Amur falcons

After the shocking scenes of widespread slaughter of Amur falcons in Nagaland 2012-14 in the north east of India, the Wildlife Trust of India and other NGOs in cooperation with federal and regional authorities, have successfully persuaded the trappers to stop this unsustainable activity by encouraging stockholder involvement in their conservation. You can read more here WTI website.


Abu Dhabi logo of NYU
New York University Abu Dhabi

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) welcomed UAE residents to its state-of-the-art campus on Saadiyat Island to enjoy an exciting and engaging workshop that opened a serious academic conference on falconry that we hope will launch several education initiatives in the near future. This conference and workshop were hosted by the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in collaboration with the Warburg Institute and the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey from November 15 – 17th 2015. To read more .....


Qatar Second International Falcons Veterinary Conference (FalCon) 2016

The conference was organized by the Qatari Society of Al-Gannas (http://algannas.net) with collaboration of Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital and of the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey.

It was composed of lectures on birds of prey master classes.
Qatar's 2nd International Veterinary Falcon Conference (FalCon) was a pioneer global forum to review the latest advances in the field falcon veterinary, and a unique opportunity for veterinarians, scientists, researchers, falconers and relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to address providing falcons with scientifically-based care and discuss the cutting-edge research and literature in this field.


World Falconry Day

World Falconry Day: ideas and proposals are invited for this year's World Falconry Day, email: wfd@iaf.org

The success of last year's WFD had resounding impact for falconers all over the world.

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See the list of 2014 projects

How to participate

Any falconer can take part and anyone close to falconry can participate; the only consideration is that the activity should be designed to develop a good image of falconry. With the aim of feeding the sense of belonging to the falconry community everyone is encouraged to use the WFD logo designed for this purpose (not the IAF main logo). This WFD logo use is free and can be downloaded from the IAF website. The IAF is not responsible for any inappropriate use the WFD logo. If you want to record your activity in the official program of the WFD, the programme that will be displayed on the website of the IAF, applicants will have to keep to the following simple guidelines:

1. Send an email to: wfd@iaf.org describing your event.

2. If you would like the main IAF logo as well as the WFD logo you will need the approval of your National Association Member. We can help you contact your National Delegate if you do not know who it is..

3. If the proposal is accepted, the IAF's WFD Working Group will include it on all official programmes of events literature.

4. When the applicant receives the registration of its activity in the official program they may use the main IAF logo.
Here is a link to the official IAF World Falconry Day Facebook. WFD Facebook


Falconry from Brazil:

The North East Falconry Association Conservation of Birds of Prey launched the First Brazilian Book of Falconry, titled "The Art of Falconry". The book was written by the directors of the Association, including Dorival Lima, Alessandra Oliveto, Eduardson Elias, Duílio Lobo and Roberto Citelli. They are hoping this book will be a milestone in the evolution of Brazilian Falconry. The book has 208 pages, illustrated and colorful. It also has a rich purport, going through the history of the Falconry around the world, nutrition, biology, laws related to the subject and the basic training in taming free flight.

For more information contact: Diretoria ANF anfalco.org@gmail.com


Celebrating 50 years of The IUCN Red List

The IUCN Red List is the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of wild species and their links to livelihoods. Far more than a list of species and their status, it is a powerful tool to inform and catalyse action for biodiversity conservation, critical to protecting the natural resources we need to survive.

IAF has been part of raptor conservation projects since its foundation in 1968 and has been a member of IUCN since 1996. As falconers we are all interested in conservation of the hawks and falcons we use and the quarry species we hunt; it important for us to be aware of the information provided here

Visit IUCN's 50th anniversary website 50.iucnredlist.org to find out more about The IUCN Red List and how you can help make it become a more complete 'Barometer of Life'


Algannas Qatar is proud to announce the completion of its first Veterinarian Training Program

Two vets have successfully finished their time in Doha: Levani Doborjginidze from Georgia and Alexander Lim from Kazakhstan. This project has arisen from needs identified at the 2014 Doha Veterinary Conference, partnered by Algannas, Katara, Souk Waqif Falcon Hospital and IAF. It's aim is to improve knowledge and skills in raptor medicine among young vets hoping to specialize in this discipline.


The Associazione Fondazione Lanario aims to be the reference point for knowledge, protection and reintroduction of the Lanner Falcon (subspecies feldeggi) in Italy, promoting the historical study of the spread of the feldeggi lanner through the European continent. It intends to manage reintroduction programs using techniques and experiences borrowed from other European and non-European countries and will cooperate with authorized agencies to recover lanner populations through falconry techniques.

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26th International
Ornithological Congress, Tokyo

The 26th International Ornithological Congress (IOC) will be held in Tokyo, Japan in the summer of 2014. Ornithology is developing rapidly and leading all levels of biology from ecosystems to molecules. The scientific and conservational activities in ornithology have been advancing in Asia as well as around the world. Japanese nature and culture are unique and wonderful. The IOC2014 in Tokyo will be a great opportunity for all participants to discuss about many aspects of avian biology and to enjoy the nature and culture of Japan and the neighboring areas. Click HERE for more info.


IAF Brussels Office Position Applications are closed from 1st September 2014

On July 31st 2014 an eBulletin notification that the EO Brussels Position had been opened, was sent to the 129 National Delegates and Member Club Representatives.

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IAF Represented at the Salburuun Festival

The Salburuun Festival in Cholpon-Ata, beside Lake Issyk-Kul is held by Salburuun, the Kyrgyzstan Federation, a member of IAF since 2013. A conference was held in the course of this festival to include a meeting of the Asia Africa Falconry Federation (AAFF) which is encouraging sustainable falconry across Asia and Africa.

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Message from Archives of Falconry:

Dear British Falconers and IAF,

I'm writing to inform you that Terence Hanbury (TH) White was nominated and accepted to the Falconer's Wall of Remembrance at The Archives of Falconry in Boise, Idaho.

A plaque in TH White's name will be unveiled at the Archives of Falconry in March 2015.

Please see the flyer.

This memorial effort was led by UK author, Conor M. Jameson; and U.S. falconry authors, Stephen Bodio and Stacia Novy.


The Central Asian Falconry project

Dennis Keen is a young ethnographer who helped translate for the Russian-speaking falconers at our meeting in Doha earlier this year. For five years, he's been studying the languages and culture of Central Asia, and has now shared with us a fantastic new resource called The Central Asian Falconry Project.

There's a blog, a long overview of Kyrgyz and Kazakh falconry, and dozens of books and movies that he has put up online. Many claim that falconry was born in Central Asia, but until now information on the practice there has been hard to come by. Dennis's site is a welcome introduction that the IAF is proud to pass on.

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Message from Germany:

"I have the distinct pleasure to announce to you all that on 11 December 2014 falconry was afforded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by the federal Government of Germany. Both personally and on behalf of the Deutscher Falkenorden, my “UNESCO team” and, indeed, all German falconers, we wish to express our most sincere appreciation for all that has been done to make this historic occasion possible.

The support we received from the United Arab Emirates particularly H.E. Majid Al Mansouri and Dr. Awad Ali Saleh, kind soul and tireless supporter of our goal, was particularly significant. We also, especially, recognize the assistance received from the IAF, particularly from President Dr. Adrian Lombard, Dr. Bohumil Straka, Dr.Javier Ceballos, Frits Kleyn and Patrick Morel, not to forget the late President Frank Bond. Also from Christian Habich, and Dr. Nick Fox who assisted with advice and Documentation. Dr. Martina Giese, Prof. Dr.Kerstin Odendahl we thank for delivering expert opinions, Mr.Hans-Heinrich Wrede for assisting and advice in UNESCO issues.

With this recognition, the 11Dec.2014 has become an historic date in German falconry history, thanks to your assistance."

With falkners’ heil, most sincerely,
Karl-Heinz Gersmann,
Deutscher Falkenorden
International Festival Of Falconry 2014

The Emirates Falconers’ Club, Abu Dhabi will host the 2014 International Festival Of Falconry from 6-14th December 2014. The festival will be in two stages. The first stage will be held out in the desert where they have arranged a new hunting ground, about one hour and half outside Abu Dhabi City. People will live and hunt here for three days - restricted to 1.000 falconers, not open to the public. The organizers also inform us that the second stage will be held inside Abu Dhabi city to ensure a huge public attendance and this is the chance for the falconers of the world to showcase their sport and culture over three days. There are more details of the event on the festival website www.falconryfestival.com

IAF attended ADIHEX 2014
Abu Dhabi, Emirates

ADIHEX is the Gulf largest hunting and equestrian exhibition. First run in 2003, this event improves exponentially every year. IAF took advantage of the opportunities to make new contacts, to cement old ones and to network in many areas of falconry, conservation and culture.


IAF President attends Summit Hunters United Against Wildlife Crime

Adrian Lombard, IAF President, will attend the 61st General Assembly of the CIC in Milan, Italy for a historic World Summit "Hunters United Against Wildlife Crime" on the 24th of April 2014. The Summit is organized as an urgent response by hunters all over the world, who are concerned by the new dimensions which wildlife crime (poaching and illegal trade of wildlife) is taking, including an increase in the prevalence of organized crime. Click HERE for more info on the World Summit

Click HERE to download the statement of IAF regarding the illegal wildlife trade.


T.H. White Memorial at Falconry

January 2014 marks the 50 year anniversary of the death of T. H. White, best remembered by raptor enthusiasts for his mini epic The Goshawk (1951), White’s work inspired a number of prominent naturalists and writers. It seems timely to remember the man, and to reflect on his life and influence. White wrote The Goshawk in the mid-1930s, but hid the manuscript for more than a decade later...

Please download full article
(by permission of NAFA Journal, 2013) +

In memorial of Frank Bond

Friends, Fellow Falconers,

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Frank Bond died on Christmas Day following a brave fight against cancer. His passing leaves us all the poorer as he was an implacable champion of Falconry and a great pillar of support for the IAF.

Frank made an enormous contribution to the IAF, first as Vice President for the Americas, then serving six years as our President. In the past year he has been an invaluable support, to myself and to our organization, as General Counsel to the IAF.

European Conference
on Biological and Cultural Diversity

The IAF attends the 1st European Conference for the Implementation ofthe UNESCO‐SCBD Joint Programme on Biological and Cultural Diversity. Javier Ceballos (IAF Spain) will have a speech on the theme "Falconry's Heritage; pioneer in both the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity".

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Report on
45th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting

The 45th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting in Doha was the biggest in the history of the organization, with delegates and representatives from 52 different countries. In all 141 people attended the meeting. Generous funding from our hosts in Qatar enabled attendance by many Asian and North African countries who had previously been unable to send representation to an IAF Meeting. The organization of the meeting was led by an IAF and Algannas team ensuring success. A considerable amount of work was achieved, including some significant constitutional changes. Three new member organizations were welcomed: Korea Birds of Prey, Vietnam Falconers' Club, Asociacíon Uruguaya Cetrería, and observer status was granted to Australia - Western Australian Raptor Rehabilitation Association (WARRA), Chile – Asociación Chilena de Cetrería y Conservación de Aves de Presa, Ecuador - Fundación Parque Cóndor, Taiwan - Taiwan Association for Falconry Culture and Raptor Conservation and Armenia, all of which are in existence less than the two years need for membership of IAF. We look forward to corresponding and co-operating with all these organizations.

Click here to see some photos of the 45th AGM.

Doha, 1st Veterinary Conference

The Doha conference "Veterinary Medicine for falconry in the 21st century", held as part of the events organized by IAF with generous sponsorship and collaboration of the Algannas Society of Qatar and Souq Waqif Falcon Hospitaal, has been receiving many accolades. The three day conference included lectures by the world's top raptor veterinarians and was attended by over 90 vets and students from almost 30 countries. Most veterinary conferences are unable to include practical sessions, but, thanks to the fantastic facilities and help from the Souk Waqif Falcon Hospital, wetlab sessions were held on raptor ophthalmology, orthopaedics and endoscopy, enabling students and interested vets to gain first hand experience in a state-of-the-art setting.

For more info click here.

Invasive Alien Species:
an EU Regulation

The 45th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting in Doha, 2014, was addressed by Mr. George Kremlis, Head of Unit DG ENV.D1, European Commission. Mr. Kremlis outlined the proposed regulation and addressed concerns being expressed in the falconry community. He clarified that IAS are Transported, through deliberate or accidental human action, outside their natural range across ecological barriers and can have serious negative impacts on biodiversity, as well as on human health and the economy. IAS are considered the second major cause of biodiversity loss.
The guiding principles of the proposed regulation are prioritisation based on proportionality, focussing on prevention using an internationally recognised approach and using existing instrument and increase coordination, recognising MS measures – balancing coordination and flexibility to minimise implementation costs.
The cost implications of such a regulation are huge, with over 12,000 alien species in Europe, 10-15% of which are considered invasive (1200-1500). IAS cost €12 billion/year in the EU and the higher the numbers increasing the higher will be the costs. The current cost of action of € 1.4 billion/yr is also expected to increase.
Proposed measures involve an initial additional cost of action of € 26-40 million/yr followed by a decrease of cost of action below the € 1.,4 billion/yr . The total cost would remain under control and the magnitude of benefits would increase over time as increasing numbers of invasions are avoided.
Mr. Kremlis illustrated his presentation with tables and he graciously answered questions from the floor.

Click here for more information on the Invasive Alien Species legislation in Europe.

Vulture Awareness Day

Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction. The International Vulture Awareness Day has grown from Vulture Awareness Days run by the Birds of Prey Programme in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England, who decided to work together and expand the initiative into an international event.

For more info click here!

IAF attends to 60th CIC Assembly

IAF President Adrian Lombard speaking at opening ceremony of the 60th General Assembly of CIC.


Issue Philatelic "Falconry"

Issue Philatelic "Falconry" carried out by CTT with the support of the Associação Portuguesa de Falcoaria and the City of Salvaterra de Magos. On March 23, 2013 CTT dedicated a stamp issue to Falconry. This is the second time that this art is graced with an issue, the first of which occurred in 1994. This issue was composed of four stamps and a block, having a circulation of over half a million copies. The four stamps that make up the series reproduce birds prey used in falconry and some of the equipment most commonly used in this art.

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News from The Netherlands

Today, Wednesday 24th April 2013, the Kingdom of The Netherlands have formally recognised Falconry as an Intangible Cultural Heritage! Congratulation to our Dutch friends!

News from Qatar

The Qatar International Festival of falcons and hunting is one of the largest festivals in the region. The last two previous events were marked by unlimited support, strong competition and mass attendance. A wide range of falconers from the Gulf Region participated in the festival. This Festival is organized annually by Algannas (the falcons and saluki section of the Katara Cultural Fondation) under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joan bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani since its inception in 2010. The 2013 event has been an unqualifed success and this Festival is going from strength to strength every year.

See Algannas website

Also under the auspices of Katara and running at the same time was the fantastic Al Galaya Festival, a televised “reality TV” show where teams of traditional falconers are placed in a wilderness area 12km sq or larger and have to set up camp in a traditional way, with no modern aids like vehicles or mobile phones or electricity and hunt from their camels and horses with falcons and salukis and are judged by senior falconers acting as referees.

See Al Galaya Festival website

News from Pakistan

Today, Wednesday 30th January 2013, MS. YASMEEN REHMAN, Parliamentarian, successfully moved for leave to introduce a Bill to Provide for enactment of law relating to falconry Proposed Code for Pakistan Falconry law [The Falconry Law Bill, 2013], clearing the way for the the proposed bill to be sent to Standing Committee, thence to the Senate and finally to the President for signature. Congratulations and best wishes from IAF go to the Pakistan Falconers Club and its President Kamran Khan for all their work towards successful recognition and giving formal status to their Pakistani falconry tradition.

News from Austria and Hungary

On Thursday 5th Dec 2012 at the 7th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage an Extension was approved to the Representative List of The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The extension to Austria and Hungary increases the number of countries whose falconry traditions are now safeguarded on the List to thirteen.