Article 1: Name. Registered Office. Duration.

1.1. "THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FALCONRY AND CONSERVATION OF BIRDS OF PREY" (hereafter,"I.A.F.") is a non-profit international association governed by the provisions of title III of the Law of 27th June 1921 on non-profit associations, foundations, and international non-profit associations, which has its registered office at:

Rue F. Pelletier, 82
B-1030 Brussels.

1.2. Said office may be established at any other location within Belgium, by resolution of the Council. Any decision to transfer the registered office shall be deposited in the I.A.F. association file and be published in the ‘Annexes du Moniteur Belge’ according to the law in force.

1.3. The I.A.F. is established for an indefinite duration of time.

Article 2: Objectives.

2.1. As an international federation of falconry organisations the objectives of the I.A.F. are:

2.1.1. To represent falconry throughout the world. Falconry is the traditional sport of taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey. It is a hunting art.
2.1.2. To preserve and encourage falconry within the context of sustainable use of wildlife.
2.1.3. To encourage conservation, the ecological and veterinary research on birds of prey and promote, under scientific guidance, domestic propagation for falconry.
2.1.4. To develop, maintain and amend national and international laws, treaties and conventions to permit the pursuit and perpetuation of falconry.
2.1.5. To require the observation of falconry, hunting, conservation and welfare laws, regulations, traditions and culture with regard to the taking, import, export and keeping of birds of prey, the taking of quarry species and the right of access to land in the country concerned.
2.1.6. To promote and uphold a positive public image of falconry with specialist organisations which regulate or otherwise affect falconry.


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