Archives of Falconry Museum (USA)

Archives of Falconry Museum (USA)

It was founded in 1986 by the Peregrine Fund and is located at The Fund’s World Centre for Birds of Prey. The Archives owes it existence to Lt. Col. S. Kent Carnie, an American Falconer who started it from a very small office at the Peregrine Fund and over the years it has expanded to become what it is today. The goal of the Archives is to collect evidence and the history of falconry worldwide and document the falconer’s role in raptor conservation.

The Archives of Falconry contains the most comprehensive English-language falconry library in the world. The Archives includes falconry books, articles and essays, manuscripts, equipment, memorabilia, art, field notes, and a substantial media collection on the ancient sport of falconry. Modern falconers were instrumental in organizing the successful recovery effort of the once-endangered Peregrine Falcon.

The collection and preservation of falconry-related materials is the priority of The Archives and nearly 100 accessions from individuals and clubs were added this past year.

The addition of the Sheikh Zayed Arab Falconry Heritage Wingin 2006 has greatly increased the number of visitors to the Archives. Through the generosity of His Excellency, Mohamed Al Bowardi, the Managing Director of Abu Dhabi’s Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency and a falconer himself, the tent and all its traditional fittings, including wall-to-wall oriental carpets, cushions, and the complete accoutrements for roasting, grinding, brewing, and serving traditional Bedu coffee, were given to Ken personally for use at the meet.

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