On 16 November we celebrate the fifth edition of World Falconry Day (WFD). Each year, we invite you to celebrate with a common theme regarding falconry. This year we have chosen the slogan ‘Learning and teaching: passing on our cultural heritage.’

We want to value the work of masters – those falconers who, in addition to doing things well, daily share their knowledge and experience. With their teaching vocation they channel new falconers into responsible falconry. They recognize the elements that identify the falconry tradition of their community. They guarantee that falconry heritage will pass on to the next generation.

We have all learned in some way from those who preceded us. Knowledge is of the few things one can give… and not be left without it. It is time to share, with the falconers that we know, our contribution to the understanding and practice of this noble art.

The activities of WFD take place in the week that includes 16 November, the anniversary of falconry recognition by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.However, this edition will run until December, with the 4th International Falconry Festival, to be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 4-9 December. Thanks to the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and the collaboration of the Emirates Falconers Club, hundreds of children and young people from 80 countries will gather to share knowledge and falconry experience.


How to participate in World Falconry Day

All individuals, clubs and organizations are welcome to participate and use the WFD logo, irrespective of membership of the IAF. The only important consideration is that the activity should be designed to develop a good image of falconry at local and global level. You can download the logo with a right mouse-click on the loga above.

If you wish, your activity can be part of the official programme of the IAF and subsequently be publicised internationally. To arrange this, please send your proposal to wfd@iaf.org.

Proposals will be evaluated by the members of the IAF WFD working group. Approved proposals will be listed on the IAF website, and can then use the logo of the IAF in promoting the event.

Thank you for helping World Falconry Day by sharing this message wherever you consider appropriate.

You can find updated information both on the WFD page of iaf.org and on Facebook. Related documents:


How to participate

To participate simply send an email to wfd@iaf.org . Events proposed by IAF member organizations and / or members of the working group will be assessed for eventual integration into the official program which will be promoted on the IAF website, through press releases and through the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Clubs and organizations can participate, so can individual falconers all over the world (whether or not they are part of the IAF), public and private entities can participate (whether or not they have commercial or economic interests), and generally anyone interested. Proposals for collective and individual initiatives will be posted on the IAF website www.iaf.org A ny falconer can take part or anyone close to falconry, regardless of sex, race, religion or culture; the only consideration is that the activity should be designed to develop a good image of falconry.With the aim of feeding the sense of belonging to the falconry community everyone is encouraged to use the logo designed for this purpose. Its use is free and it can be downloaded from the IAF website. The IAF is not responsible for any inappropriate use the WFD logo. If you want to record your activity in the official program of the WFD, the programme that will be displayed on the website of the IAF, applicants will need the approval of their National Association Member.

The World Falconry Day dedicated Facebook page may be found by clicking here

Examples of activities

  • National Falconry Associations: open day for the general public, organization of hunting parties with selected falconers, workshops / courses.
  • Academic: lecture s, seminars, conferences.
  • Cultural: exhibition in museums and civic buildings of artworks related to falconry, documentaries, guided tours in museums to show masterpieces related to falconry,
  • Proposed routes & visits where it is possible see falconry’s masterpieces (example: falconry Romanesque capitals in the province of Segovia, Spain XIIIth – XIVth centuries, or paintings of falconry in the Palace of Siena, Italy), falconry exhibitions, expositions
  • Schools: presentations at schools, school competitions writing, drawing, whole day visits to schools by groups of falconers.
  • Social: visits to airports where falconry is used as a resource to ensure flight safety, participation in hunting parties with falconry birds
  • Presence in the Media: TV and radio interviews, press articles, reports.

International coordination
IAF will coordinate things internationally, but there is no need to go through IAF if you want to host an event and promote it yourself, you can still use the WFD logo (just not the IAF one).
Organizations wishing to go through IAF should submit its ideas which must be supported by the falconry community in their country, and by different institutions.
Send the poster activity that wants to organize on the occasion of WFD.
Activities forming part of the official program of the IAF will be exposed in the dedicate IAF Facebook Page. In addition they will be exhibited in different international forums.