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Spring 2022

Understanding the Goshawk

“At Oxford conferences of the British Falconers Club and the IAF in 1975, 1977 and 1981 there were some 200 participants from 20 countries UK, Denmark Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, KSA, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Finland, Israel, Norway, Ireland and Japan.

The first (at Corpus Christi in 1975) was organised by the BFC on ” Papers on the Veterinary Medicine and Captive Breeding of Diurnal Birds of Prey” as the conclusion of its annual publication during 1970-74 of “Captive Breeding of Diurnal Birds of Prey”. The second (at Wadham in October 1977) on “Bird of Prey Management Techniques” was sponsored by IAF and published by BFC (in 1978). The third conference, at Wadham College in October 1981, was organised and published by IAF.”

Credit and thanks to the author, Dr. Robert Kenward”

The book has been loaded into 2 parts due to its size.

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