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Spring 2022

IAF Newsletter, Spring 2022

News about IAF Council of Delegate 54th AGM,  IAF on YouTube, Project Luggar and much more!

Open IAF Newsletter Spring 2023

Autumn 2021

IAF Newsletter, Autumn 2021

At a time when nothing is certain and we have all been starved of a sense of community, the recent Council of Delegates Meeting and IAF conferences that took place in Abu Dhabi were a wonderful experience.

Hosted at ADIHEX by kind invitation of the Emirates Falconers Club, IAF was able to assemble a small but remarkable gathering of younger delegates, all of whom were facilitated to travel to Abu Dhabi for the meeting by the generosity of our hosts.Open IAF Newsletter Autumn 2021

IAF Newsletter, Winter 2019/2020

AT THE beginner of December, the Council of Delegates took place in Carmona – Spain. The 51st time falconers from around the world have sat together and discussed the matters affecting world falconry and the business of the IAF in an atmosphere of friendship, co-operation and synergy. Open IAF NewsletterWinter 2019/2020

IAF Newsletter, Summer 2019

ONCE again we have an excellent and professionally produced IAF Newsletter. Some of you will be unaware that with great sadness we are loosing Hilary White as Newsletter Editor. Hilary has done a wonderful job over the last few years producing an interesting and varied newsletter moving with the times and introducing the latest technology, which has enabled the newsletter to be seen by an ever increasing and varied audience. Open IAF Newsletter Summer 2019

IAF Newsletter, Winter 2017/2018

WITH uncountable memories of the International Festival of Falconry still fresh in the mind, two major items of news have just arrived in that are the icing on the cake of what has been an incredible 2017 for IAF. The first is the legalisation of falconry in Denmark after a very long absence. The other is the purchase of an IAF base in Brussels. The former was announced during that festival week, and seeing falconers from so many different nations celebrate the achievement was proof, were it needed, that falconry is a global community that stands together. Open IAF Newsletter Winter 2017/2018

IAF Newsletter, Spring 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new-look newsletter. This new format is indeed a departure and may even be the first of its kind for a falconry publication, but we hope that this will give our readers across the globe greater interactivity and engagement with the IAF Newsletter. Whether you’re reading this on your smartphone in bed, your laptop at your workdesk or on your tablet on the couch, this edition is designed to put you right in front of what is going on around the world in the 86 countries in IAF’s jurisdiction. This is only the first step and we ask that you bear with us while we master this technology. Translations, as ever, are something we are desperate to improve on. If you think you can help us with this, please get in touch now. Our ambition is for the IAF Newsletter to be the most widely read falconry publication on the planet, but this won’t happen without your help. […] Open IAF_Newsletter Spring 2017

IAF Newsletter, Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring issue of the IAFNewsletter. This edition celebrates the global IAF community in all its many shapes and colours. Anyone who has attended a Council of Delegate meetings or the International Festival of Falconry will have come away knowing that falconry’s international identity is its strongest card. Th at it is practiced in such diverse environments and cultures is proof of its intrinsic value to mankind. […] Download IAF_Newsletter_Spring_2016.pdf +(3.14MB)

IAF Newsletter, Spring 2015

We want this edition to be a platform for falconers everywhere to show why falconry is a truly global family. To do this, we have tried to include translations for the copy where possible, with an emphasis on Spanish, Russian and Arabic. We are not yet at the stage where we can get the entire publication translated into multiple languages but this is our goal over time so that we connect with falconers beyond English-speaking regions. This publication is yours and it can only exist if you play your part. We need representatives to send us news and reports about what is going on where they are, how falconry is changing, what issues you face and what strengths you enjoy in your particular strand of falconry. […] Download IAF_Newsletter_Spring_2015.pdf +(6.8MB)

IAF Newsletter, Autumn 2013

People often talk of the quality of our sport, sometimes the artistic aspects as they perceive them, all seen in the light of our current values and society in which they live. Much comment seems to look at characters who lived a century or ve centuries ago describing them as they fit into current perspective of values, with the assumption that this man was motivated by today’s values, defining his actions by modern secular and scientific perspectives. This may also be applied to people from diΕerent cultures today but reality can be very diferent? If we could meet that man from 5 centuries ago or even a man today from another culture or religion his explanations might be very different from our expectations. At the IAF AGM we have been looking into some of the historical aspects of falconry in Europe in the company of falconers from all over the world. […] Download IAF_Newsletter_Aut_2013.pdf +(6.8MB)