National Delegates

There are several categories of membership (see Section 3 of the IAF Constitution), all of which may supply the national Delegate who takes part in IAF Council of Delegates Meetings, but only delegates of those countries with a Full Member organization or an Associate Member organization can vote in elections or on other matters or hold office. Each country can have only one National delegate. The Delegates of all countries can, however, take full part in discussions, may be appointed to working groups and all countries are entitled to the same degree of representation.

Selection of National Delegates

Article 4 of the IAF Constitution is concerned with the selection of National Delegates. There can be only one delegate from each country. If there is more than one member organization in that country the National Delegate must be selected by consensus of the member organisations from that country. If the National Delegate cannot be selected by consensus, then the Member Organisation with the largest membership, as determined by the annual subscriptions paid to the IAF, shall select the National Delegate. A National Delegate shall not be entitled to vote on matters coming before the Council if the Member Organisation’s dues have not been paid (see Article 15.1. of the Constitution).

Meeting Adentance Rules

Advisory Committee Meetings

1) Advisory Committee Meetings are closed, only AC members may attend, unless by invitation of the AC Chairman, as, for example, if a national delegate or an outside specialist is invited to address the AC.

2) If a host official or local dignitary wishes to address the AC the AC chairman (Dr. Straka) should be advised in advance. It is usual, but not compulsory, for the host club president to welcome the AC members at the start of this meeting and then to withdraw as soon as his address is completed.

Council of Delegates Meetings (AGM)

In the main Council of Delegates Meeting there is more leeway on who can attend, provided they have registered in advance.

  • National delegates and their guests (usually one per delegate, but IAF President has discretion).
  • Delegations from applicant countries and organizations
  • The host club/organization can bring more guests i.e. up to 5 or 6
  • Local/national dignitaries, these would not be expected to stay beyond the opening speeches
    -Press is by invitation and at the discretion of the hosting organization, the IAF Public Relations Officer and IAF President.
  • There is no public access.

Meeting Procedure

Advisory Committee meetings are chaired by the AC Chairman who works from an agenda agreed in advance and mailed to each AC member. The meeting is closed to everyone except AC members and can be expected to last several hours. If it runs over the time allocated by the host nation it may be cut and reconvened when convenient.

The main Council of Delegates Meeting is usually held over two days. It is chaired by the IAF President who works to an agenda that has been distributed electronically in advance to all the delegates.

Elections and voting
Elections are done by secret ballot. Most other business is discussed and comes to unanimous agreement. If an item is deemed to require a vote then voting (other than for elections) is done by National Delegates raising the country name card provided. Any voting Delegate (that is a delegate from a paid-up Member or an Associate Member organization) can request a secret ballot.
Any country unable to attend the AGM, may give their written proxy to another delegate representing a Member Organization.  Only delegates of Member Organizations may vote in person or by proxy.  All proxies must be in writing naming the national delegate of another Member Organization to whom the proxy is given, and dated and signed by the national delegate who cannot attend the AGM.  According to the IAF Constitution Article 10.2, a national delegate may hold no more than two proxies for voting purposes. If there is a second or third Member organization in a country and the usual Delegate cannot attend, then one of the other member or clubs should provide the voting delegate.

At every Council of Delegates Meeting there are a number of guests of the delegates, of the hosts and of the IAF President. The actual number allowed may depend on the size of the meeting room and the availability of seating.
Non-delegate guests should be aware that their status is that of observer and while they may be permitted to take part in discussions, this is at the discretion of the IAF President.