Falconry Museum, Almaty (Kazakistan)

The Museum is called Zheti Kazyna (The Seven Treasures) – a common term among Kazakhs. The Seven Treasures are associated with the life of the horseman and include the spirited horse, the golden eagle, the tazy (a hunting dog), the gun, the trap net and the dirk (a small knife).

The horse is the wings of the Khazak, the eagle – his power, the tazy – a true companion, the a rifle – furious fire and strong language, the net – his tricks and resourcefulness, the dirk – his appearance inspiring fear. Herein lies the essence of what the Kazakhs Zheti Kazyna associate with family wealth (Zheti Yrys).

The main exhibition is related to falconry, equipment, trophies and documentsand is located in Kazakhstan’s Almaty region in the village of Nura in a small house. Nura village is famous for the fact that there are currently living there about 20 hunters berkutchi. Att the museum a few live birds of prey and hunting tazy may also be seen.