Ohrada Hunting Museum (Czech Republic)

Ohrada Hunting Museum (Czech Republic)

Ohrada was built between 1708 – 1713 in the baroque style by architect IM Bayer for Prince Schwarzenberg AF as a hunting lodge, which was used to organize hunts and hunting ostentatious celebrations.

The Hunting Museum at Ohrada founded in 1842, when there were concentrated extensive collection of hunting trophies and stuffed animals and are among our oldest museums. It is one of the oldest Czech museums in general.

The museum is located on the shore of Munický fish-pond, with the Ohrada zoo garden in close vicinity.

The museum organizes events for the public of which the best known are the National game-keeper festivities, which take place in June every year.

A dedicated Falconry Wing opened in 2011 following the UNESCO recognition of falconry

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