The British Archives of Falconry (UK)

The British Archives of Falconry (UK)

A group of enthusiasts in falconry history got together with the support of The British Falconer’s Club and the Falconry Heritage Trust and founded the British Archives of Falconry in 2010. The Falconry Heritage Trust was doing much to record the history of falconry digitally, but it was thought that there was a need in the UK and Ireland to have a physical archive along the lines of the Archives of Falconry in Boise, USA. At the present time the British Archives are someway off having a museum and archive building of there own but aim to in the future.

The British Archives of Falconry have already amassed a good collection of falconry items, which is growing daily. They record every item on a digital database when it arrives, photograph it and digitally copy it, where appropriate. The archives have secure storage space where all the items are kept and looked after until they can be moved to a permanent archive building. The archives are also putting together a database of the location of falconry items in existing collections around the UK and forging links with these collections. The aim is to make these archives available to falconers, researchers and students from around the world.

The collection and preservation of falconry-related materials is the priority of The Archives and nearly 100 accessions from individuals and clubs were added this past year.

The British Archives of Falconry have a good committee of hard working falconers with an interest in archives and their Honorary Patrons are Sidney (Kent) Carnie and Roger Upton.

They aim to work closely with other archive groups around the world and would like to see archives developed in the rest of the falconry world.